Multimedia PresentaionFriday, March 22, 2013

Acura Solutions provide wide range of Multimedia Presentation solutions for the companies. Multimedia presentation is the most important for any business. You can be an exporter, manufacturer, reseller or service provider; your product multimedia presentation or service multimedia presentation should be outstanding for leaving an impact on your customer. With years of experience, we at Acura Solutions understand the product of companies and make a suitable presentation of your product through multimedia along with music, video and animation.

Why Company Required Multimedia Presentation?

- To impress your corporate clients through interactive business presentations;
- Easy to memorize training programs that effectively assesses the trainee's knowledge;
- To have one-to-one discussion with your audience, while introducing new products.
- These interactive products can be used to inform, train, motivate or persuade your customers and employees over the    World Wide Web, through your company's intranet or from a CD-ROM.
- An interactive multimedia CD-ROM is an ideal medium for presenting information in a user-friendly, informative and    engaging way.
- Using a combination of video and still images, graphics, animation, text and sound, we can produce dazzling    interactive presentations on CD-ROMs for a wide range of uses.

What is Flash Animation?

Flash is an authoring tool for animated multimedia both on and off the web. Flash Animations can be used in various ways from an interesting eye catching banners, multimedia presentation to a complete interactive websites or used to create interactive CD business cards.We can also use it to produce custom animated multimedia screensavers, cartoons, interactive applications, and games.

What is Presentation & CD-ROM Development?

We specializes in creating breathtaking Multimedia corporate presentations and CD titles. In the field of Corporate Presentations, where the complete profile of any company, its structure, its range of products and its market hold is to be set out, there cannot be a better medium for conveying the message. Therefore the market potential for multimedia presentation is immense.

Our Works:

Our Multimedia team specializes in Multimedia presentations by using interactive technologies and a combination of them like flash, photoshop, sound forge, flex, 3D and 2D.
Our wide range of creativity, technology and production expertise makes us the best people to entrust all your multimedia presentation needs to us. To name a few, our wide range of Multimedia applications includes:

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